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Siouxland Redwingers

Photo Gallery

These are photographs from some past Siouxland meetings and events. Click on any photo for a larger view and short description. Please send suggestions for photos to Laura Beall.

Text Box: Meeting

Members at a meeting.

Text Box: Display 2003
Text Box: MidWinter

MidWinter GetTogether

Text Box: Button

2005 Button

Text Box: Auctions

Siouxland Auctions

Text Box: Appraisals

Appraisals at a local fair.

Text Box: Autumn Progressives

Our fall social meeting.

Text Box: Young Siouxlanders
Text Box: October 2007

Members at meeting.

Text Box: Little Redwingers

Siouxland Kids.

Text Box: Show and Tell
Text Box: Spring Meeting

Photos of Siouxland Redwingers

Date: 2000-Present

Jon Hawley, President

Phone: (605) 321-2147

E-mail: tortammi@msn.com

October show and tell.

Our youngest Siouxlanders at home.

2003 Display

Spring Meeting