A chapter of the Red Wing Collectorís Society, Inc.

Siouxland Redwingers

Red Wing Collectors Society, Inc.

This is the website for the Red Wing Collectors Society, the organization of which Siouxland Redwingers is a chapter.

Related Links

Our chapter has many sister chapters located across the country, and there are also many sites dedicated to Red Wing pottery.† Many of these links can be seen by visiting the Red Wing Collectors Society website.† Other websites that may be of interest are linked below.

South Dakota State Historical Society

The Historical Society maintains a museum and has various resources available for research on South Dakota history.† There are also many local chapters of the Society located across South Dakota, information can be found here.

Red Wing Collectors Society Foundation

The Foundation of the RWCS maintains a museum of Red Wing products in the old pottery building in Red Wing.† More information on the foundation and on the museum may be found on their website.

North Dakota Pottery Collectors Society

This organization promotes the preservation of North Dakota pottery in much the same way that the RWCS promotes Red Wing pottery.† They have information on local potteries from the state of North Dakota.

Fort Dodge Stoneware Collectors Society

An organization dedicated to the preservation of stoneware produced by the various Fort Dodge, Iowa stoneware companies.†

South Dakota Museums

A listing of museums in South Dakota, including links to local historical societies and the museumís webpage, when available.