A chapter of the Red Wing Collector’s Society, Inc.

Siouxland Redwingers

Siouxland Redwingers, in addition to regular chapter meetings, has hosted many special events and gatherings.  These events help our members become involved in the chapter and their community.  Descriptions of some of these events can be found below.

Every February the Siouxland Redwingers host a hospitality room at the Red Wing Collector’s Society MidWinter Convention. Please visit us in room #126 at this year’s MidWinter in Des Moines.

In 2003 the Siouxland Redwingers put on a chapter display at the RWCS Convention Display Room.  The display featured advertising pieces from across South Dakota.

The chapter has held two Red Wing/Antique auctions in South Dakota.

In September members open their homes for a “progressive dinner” where we view many collections before meeting for an informal meeting and dinner.

When asked, the chapter has provided amateur appraisals at local antique fairs.

MidWinter Hospitality Room

Autumn Progressive Dinner Meetings

Siouxland Red Wing & Antique Auctions

2003 Chapter Display

Amateur Appraisals

Past Events

In 2005 the Siouxland Chapter was chosen to design and produce the convention button.  The button was designed by Mary Lynn Headrick.

2005 Convention Button